Exploring The Hidden Temples of Angkor: An Off-Road Cycling Adventure!

Are you looking for an exciting adventure that takes you away from the busy tourist spots? Look no further! Join us on a unique off-road cycling tour of the hidden temples of Angkor. Not only will you get to explore lesser-known and hidden temples around the Angkor archaeological park, but be sure to meet local people along the way as well!

Introduction to Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest religious monument in the world, covering an area of ​​162.6 hectares. It is located in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The park contains the remains of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th centuries, including the famous temple of Angkor Wat.

The park is open daily from 5:00am to 5:30pm, and admission is $37 for foreigners and free for Cambodians. There are a number of ways to explore the park, including by bike, tuk-tuk, or on foot. However, Cycling is by far the best way to see everything the park has to offer! Not only will you be able to cover more ground than on foot, but you’ll also get a workout in and avoid the crowds.

Overview of Off-Road Cycling Experience

Off-road cycling is an incredible way to explore the hidden temples of Angkor! The experience is unlike any other, and it’s the perfect way to see the ancient ruins up close. There are a few things to keep in mind before heading out on your adventure, though. First, make sure you have a bike that’s comfortable for off-road riding. You’ll also want to bring plenty of water and snacks, as there are no convenient stops along the way. And finally, be prepared for some serious heat – it can get very hot in Cambodia! But if you’re up for the challenge, off-road cycling is an unforgettable way to see the temples of Angkor.

Benefits of Cycling Off-Road

Off-road cycling has a number of benefits that make it a great way to explore the hidden temples of Angkor. For one, it’s an eco-friendly way to get around. There’s no need for motorized vehicles, so you’re not contributing to pollution or noise pollution. Additionally, it’s a great workout! You’ll get your heart rate up as you pedal through the jungle and burn some serious calories. And lastly, it’s just plain fun! There’s nothing quite like exploring the temples on two wheels.

Meeting Locals and Interacting with the Community

As anyone who’s been to Angkor Wat knows, the temples are amazing, but they can also be quite crowded. Our guide, Pheap, took us on a different kind of temple tour – by bicycle! We started at Siem Reap’s river, then biked off-road to some of the more hidden temples. Not only did we avoid the crowds, but we got an up-close look at how locals live.

We stopped for lunch at a small family-run restaurant, and Pheap chatted with the owners in Khmer. They were so friendly and hospitable, and we felt like honored guests in their home. It was a great opportunity to try some traditional Cambodian dishes that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

After lunch, we pedaled through rice paddies and villages, getting Wave goodbye to the temples of Siem Reap – you won’t be seeing them again anytime soon! But that’s okay because you’re going on an adventure…an off-road cycling adventure through the hidden temples of Angkor!

Tips for a Successful Adventure

When exploring the hidden temples of Angkor, it is important to be prepared for your adventure. Here are some tips to help you have a successful trip:

1. Bring plenty of water and snacks. There are not many places to stop and get food or drinks, so it’s important to pack enough for the day.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of cycling so make sure you’re wearing shoes that won’t hurt your feet.

3. Bring sunscreen. The sun can be quite intense, especially in the midday heat. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

4. Don’t forget your camera! The temples of Angkor are absolutely beautiful and you’ll want to take lots of pictures to remember your trip by.

5. Be respectful of the temples and their history. Remember that these are sacred places and treat them with respect.


Exploring the hidden temples of Angkor by off-road cycling is an unforgettable adventure that takes you to some of Cambodia’s most awe-inspiring destinations. Whether you’re looking to make new memories with friends or take a solo journey, the ancient sites of Angkor offer unparalleled sights and experiences. With the right guide and preparation, an off-road cycling tour can be both enjoyable and educational as you discover all that this incredible region has to offer. So why not start planning your own off-road cycling adventure today?

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